Friday, August 17, 2012

Gold Medal Service

The Olympics always brings out a sense of pride.  This summer was no exception.  From Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin in the pool, Gabby and the girls in the gym to the women’s soccer team we are filled with pride. It’s the spirit of seeing our athletes rise to the occasion and “Bring Home the Gold!”

We also have a great deal of pride here in our company. Our team strives just as hard to bring you quality service and incredible value in the product that we sell. This is not an every four year event for us, it’s daily event, to serve you and provide you with “Gold Medal” service.

Just as our athletes train hard every day, for that chance for gold, we work hard every day – not for medals – but to provide you with quality care and service!

While it will be another 4 years before we can see “Gold Medal” performances again, when you need “Gold Medal” service we will be here for you.

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